Monday, 10 March 2014

My skin has been is desperate need of some VIP attention after a hardcore week of playing with makeup at the London Muse Makeup School and then coming home to a mountain of exciting new products to review for my blog and lovely readers! Not that I'm complaining because I'm absolutely not, it's just my skin has not thanked me for it at all and all this makeup excitement has resulted in a minor outbreak that has left me less than happy as you can imagine...

LUCKILY luxury award winning skincare brand Eve Lom must've heard my complexion cries as they kindly sent me a tube of their famous (in the beauty world) Rescue Mask and WOW WOW WOW it's SO AMAZING! I knew it would be good as I've read too many overly positive reviews for it to be an absolute fail, but seriously my blemishes and angry spots have completely calmed down the redness has now gone after 2 separate applications of the mask in the space of 4 days and my skin is just looking so lovely and glowy even my boyfriend commented on how nice my skin looked! and for a boy to notice something like that it must be a miracle product so has definitely earned its Beauty Room award for being my Treat of The Week!

To buy yours now click here.

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