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Sunday, 9 March 2014

After watching my favourite beauty blogger Amelia Liana vlog about HER Haircare Rituals I was so keen and excited to try the products out for myself as I'm ALWAYS on the look out for the next miracle hair care solution as I'm a total hair obsessed blogger, one of my favourite beauty subjects!

Inspired by art and nature the HER range originates in the heart of Italy's Veneto Region,Villa Florani. The 300 year old palladium inspired villa oozes with elegance through its stunning architecture and the pure serenity of the surrounding landscape are at the heart of the HER haircare range from the brands ethos, quality right down to its packaging design.

''Innovation is the foundation of everything we do. Our lab is

a place of intensive creative research into formulas that harness
the healing effects of plants and high performance technical
ingredients, and we are always seeking new raw materials and
effective techniques'' 

Beating a Classic...

I've been on the hunt for a hair oil to beat Kerastase Elixir as its been my all time favourite for such a long time now and I've grown slightly bored of it, I feel it does leave my hair feeling luxuriously soft and silky but it doesn't nourish the ends as intensely as I'd like it to and at the moment I need an oil that works double time for my ends without weighing it down with too much product. Could the Her Hair care Rituals Nourishing Oil be the one?

Her Haircare Rituals Nourishing Oil

WOW I'm SO impressed with this light weight hair oil, not only does it leave my hair feeling super soft, bouncy and silky to touch but it also smells delicious and seems to be working wonders on my split ends!! Hurrah I'm a happy girl and have Amelia Liana to thank as her recommendation was spot on it really is a dreamy product.
Ingredients- Argan, Radish, Sweet Cherry and Moringa - these ingredients are elixir empowered and work together to detangle, protect and tame.

Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner 

I always feel that by using the same branded shampoo and conditioner as the hair oil you use is the best way to get the most from your haircare system. The products all work together and create a stronger bond to achieve the best possible results for you hair...and so far I'm right! I've been using the HER Haircare Rituals Nourishing Shampoo, Conditioner and hair oil for a month now and I love what I'm seeing so far. I can feel how natural the ingredients are as my hair doesn't feel weighed down or coated in product, it feels so incredibly clean, light and smells gorgeous! I highly recommend HER to anyone seeking exceptional haircare its a luxury brand and the prices are very reasonable. The 250ml Nourishing Shampoo is £15m, Nourishing conditioner is £17 and Nourishing Hair Oil is £14 for 30ml or £25 for 100ml.

I'm now so excited to test out the HER Volumising powder! It promises to create unbelievable volume which is something every girl wishes for!

Have a lovely sunny Sunday, JRP x

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