Monday, 20 January 2014

So everyones heard of the 5:2 diet right? Well after hearing about it NON stop over the last few months and then reading the 24 page pull out about it in You magazine this weekend I decided to give it a go! I don't obsess over my weight, especially now I've lost the stone I needed to (even if it did take me a year to do!) but after taking on Slenderiiz as my client, I thought I'd combine the two and make my own JRP Detox 5:2

How I'll do it...

Two days out of five I will have healthy fruit juices for breakfast and lunch and a protein dinner, only drinking water or snacking on nuts in between meals. The other 5 days I'll be doing my usual fruit/ cereal breakfast when I return home from my morning workout, spinach and eggs for lunch, nuts to snack on and a balanced dinner in the evening- so alot more relaxed and room for treats on days I need it!!


I'll be doing this whilst taking Slenderiiz...what is this I hear you ask! Well let me introduce this revolutionary homeopathic weight management system to you, it that enables you to stick to calorie control diets, combats sugar cravings, lethargy, mood swings and energy levels making it an easy way to look your best and keep unwanted weight off! Click on the following link to find out more: www.slenderiiz-uk.com/ and check out the success stories page this product is really amazing, especially if you have the willpower and balanced diet to be able to hit hard and make a real difference!

Breville Blend Active

Yesterday I bought myself this blender by Breville, and I'm so pleased with how easy and quick it is to use and clean! I was initially drawn to it because I love how the bottle acts as a drinking bottle to drink your smoothie from and also the blender bottle, so no unnecessary washing up up or parts to store away and great if you're out and about and need to take your smoothie with you- perfect for my busy schedule!
The best thing is its only £20 in the sale at the moment at Tescos - so if you like the sound of my 5:2 detox juice plan then maybe it's worth giving it a go? Great way to kick start the year, refresh your system and free your body from unwanted toxins consumed over the festive period and also ideal if you want to shift a few pounds too!!


9:00 am - Gym 1.5 500ml bottles of water

10:30 am - Breakfast smoothie including; a handful of blueberries, 4 strawberries, a banana, 1 tablespoon of dorset everyday museli and two tablespoons of fat free natural yogurt. I LOVED the taste of this smoothie, the museli and yogurt made it taste lovely and thick and gave it some texture whilst the berries turned it a pretty pink colour making it all the more appetising! VERY impressed with my first smoothie of my detox.
12:15pm - a handful of unsalted nuts and a bottle of 500ml water

1:45 pm -Lunch smoothie including; a handful of spinach, half a mango, 1 kiwi and half a lime squeezed in for added taste! The blender struggled at first to blend my chosen ingredients, I think maybe the mango was abit too hard and too many spinach leaves but I persisted to hold down the 'BLEND' button and after a few mins my little machine worked its magic and I was left with a lovely glass of thick green juice. Although it didn't look overly appealing it tasted delicious, I think lime was the key ingredient for taste and the kiwi gave it some zing too!
3:30 pm- a handful of nuts and a cup of camomile and honey tea

6:45 pm- steamed salmon fillet on a bed of spinach salad and another 500ml bottle of water

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