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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Following my recent posts, Instagrams and tweets about my hair it was time to bite the bullet and have my hair sorted! During my initial hair consultation with the amazingly talented Becky, the Great Lengths extensionist (and miracle worker!) at Daniel Galvin and spending almost an hour talking through my hair options and what would look best and most natural for my hair and style we came to a hair conclusion. 
Becky suggested we add slightly more length to my hair using Great Lengths Hair Extensions to improve its volume and give it more of an overall glamorous uplift, Becky was adamant on only adding a few more inches in length to my hair to ensure it looking as natural and sophisticated as possible and simply enhancing what I already had rather than creating a totally new look for me. But before Becky started on my colour match for the extensions she insisted I have a complete colour correction, as she was concerned my colour wouldn't blend as perfectly as she wanted (a result of too many varying colour techniques on my hair), so she booked me in with top hair colourist Daisy. 

To be honest the last year in terms of my hair has been solely focused on length and I haven't actually paid any real attention to the state of my colour (bad beauty blogger points I know) but with my rapunzel obsession there just wasn't much concern with colour. Until now the Daniel Galvin girls opened my eyes! So I couldn't be more thankful to both Becky and Daisy for finally making me see the light and colouring my hair to perfection! 

I was so excited to see what my hair would look like, new colour and a glamorous new look- such perfect timing for the start of a new year. 
So after hair colour expert Daisy at Daniel Galvin gave me a 'colour correction' (which in my case involved a full head of highlights paying special attention to my over processed ends and then putting a toner through my hair to create the perfect shade of blonde) I was all set and ready for my Great Lengths hair extensions and couldn't be more excited to see the results.... See below for Daisy's wonderful colour work on my hair 
With the likes of Cheryl Cole, Elle Macpherson, and Sam Faiers already addicted to Great Lengths I knew I was in for some serious VIP hair treatment, but naturally was concerned about the process. I needn't have worried as Great Lengths Hair is ethically sourced coloured and applied in the best possible way to ensure your natural hair is not damaged in the slightest. Using keratin to bond the hair extensions to my natural hair i knew my hair wouldn't suffer the consequences of having bad hair extensions or glue ruining my hair which has always been my biggest worry and concern. 

A few hours later (4 to be exact) and after a delicious lunch (I highly recommend lunch at Daniel Galvin the food and coffees are to die for) Becky finished my hair with one of her famous blow dries and look at the results.... 
I was shocked at how beautifully natural my hair looked! Outstanding results, I could shout from the rooftops in hair happiness and can't recommend Great Lengths Hair Extensions enough! I'm a happy girl and already planning my next hair appointment at the fabulous Daniel Galvin.

Happy Hair New Year, JRP x

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