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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Its 2014 and if there's one thing we should all pay some special attention to after the busy festive season its our FACES! Our poor complexions have been exposed to and are still being exposed to the harsh winter weather and if the weather forecast for the next couple of months is right then it's only going to get colder, which is bad news for our skin.

Having a dry, flakey and dull complexion is something we all need to avoid so about a month ago I started my very own Sensational Skin Challenge using Dr. Hauschka skincare products, here's my feedback....

Cleansing Cream 

Named Hero product for 2012 this cleansing cream ticks all my boxes for a good quality cleanser, it exfoliates, deeply cleans and leaves skin feeling baby soft. It's been a pleasure to use this cleanser and the added exfoliating balls make it so satisfying, you feel like you've actually removed the dirt and grime from each and every pore. I've been paying particular attention to my nose and chin area where black heads are most common and also using an exfoliating face cloth for added power!

Facial Toner 

This herbal blend of anthyillis and witch hazel is the most refreshing toner I've experienced, I think its a combination of naturally lovely smelling ingredients and the pump device that creates a wonderful uplifting mist for the face. This toner refines the appearance of pores and and supports firmness and elasticity whilst providing a totally hydrating base for you moisturiser. 

Rose Day Cream 

I adore this moisturiser! It smells like a rose garden and is so luxuriously creamy it feels like heaven on your face. I've been religiously using this every night- but have found it slightly too creamy to use in the mornings when I put my makeup on soon after, it does take some time to absorb so I suggest using only a tiny amount as thats all you need really or just use at night and possibly try the Rose Day Cream Light to use in the mornings! 
The avocado oil with extracts of rose oil protect the delicate layer of the skin against hydration and irritation and seals in moisture to prevent dryness and (this is my favourite bit) 30, yes 30 real rose flowers go into each tube of Rose Day Cream! Amazing. 

I can honestly say I'm a huge Dr. Hauschka fan and will be sticking with the above products to ensure my skin stays clear, hydrated and glowing!

JRP x 

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