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Monday, 30 December 2013

Wake up to beautiful, natural looking lashes by Liana! Based in the heart of Marlybone Liana has been doing eyelash extensions for over 7 years, being an expert in her field Liana knows how important it is to feel confident and truly beautiful and loves helping women all over the city feel fabulous. What better time of year to have your lashes done than the start of a brand fresh new year?!  

As you will know if you regularly follow my blog I'm already a lash addict thanks to Asma Docrat so it's great to experience lashes by Liana who I strongly recommend visiting, it's a guaranteed pick me up and you'll find yourself looking in the mirror when you've just woken up in the morning shocked at how wonderful you look! I normally avoid looking in the mirror for the first hour of the day at least, but with lashes by Liana you will feel a million times better about your look without the help of eye makeup and mascara.

Liana carefully applies each eyelash individually and it takes between 1-2hrs depending on the eye-shape and desired look of the lashes...this is a perfect excuse to have some 'me' time! I thoroughly enjoyed lying there, relaxed warm and comfortable whilst Liana worked her lash magic on me and gave a transformation! (I loved how Liana has a warm fur blanket ready for each client to wrap up in after coming in from the cold London streets- lovely touch and keeps you toasty whilst Liana works on your lashes). 

Blushing Brides...

For the beautiful brides to be out there planning their weddings and honeymoons eyelash extensions are a MUST, it takes a big pressure off your shoulders in terms of makeup on the big day and definitely whilst on holiday you can just relax (I understand this is easier said than done for a bride) but at least you know your lashes are in tact! My best friend is getting married this year, in September after seeing how amazing my lashes look she's decided to have hers done for her big day. 
If you want to find out more or I've convinced you enough go ahead and book your lash appointment then simply call Liana on 07956120001you won't regret it Liana is amazing at what she does and will beatify your lashes and your entire look. 

Enjoy getting lashed and waking up beautiful! Xx 

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