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Monday, 16 December 2013

I wish I could find the words to describe just HOW good these Babyliss heated ceramic rollers are, I was SO surprised and overly impressed with the results, I literally couldn't wait to share the results with you all!... and just in time for Christmas!

Usually my patience runs rather thin when using or trying to use hair tools, I hate fiddling around and trying to find the 'right' technique to achieve results just like the stunning models on the packages of these tools, and they always always promise 'salon professional results' but lets face it that's rarely the case! But with these brand new Babyliss Boutique ceramic rollers I can absolutely assure you they are worth every penny and more, as they are incredibly easy and super quick to use.

LOOK.... (sorry for grainy photo I decided to test my rollers out at night time!)

Here's how...

1) Simply plug the Babyliss Boutique box in and you will see theres one roller with a heat sensitive indicator which within minutes will turn from red to white, the white tells you they have reached optimum temperature and are ready to be used!

2) Working from the front of the head first take sections of hair no wider than the width of the roller and wrap the hair around right up to the scalp and secure with one of the heated clips.

I used to always get confused with how the hair should be rolled around the roller...should it be underneath or on top?! Well after making many, many hair mistakes in the past I've learnt that by winding the hair on top it will create a flicked out look whereas if you wrap the hair inside and underneath the roller, it will create a more curled look with the hair going inwards to the face. A combination of both works well, so I did four rollers wrapped on top for flicked out hair, and the rest I wrapped the hair so it shapes my face and looks more curly (sorry confusing I know, but anyone thats used rollers before will understand how complex this can be!)

3) Once the hair is all clipped in, just sit back and relax! Or if you're like me potter around and make a cup of tea as the hair takes to the rollers SO quickly, even after 10 mins you'll be left with beautiful tousled hair but if you want a more defined and volumised look leave them in 15/20 mins - if you're going out then this time bracket gives you enough time to do your primer, foundation and maybe even brows...multitasking I love it!

4) Ok so carefully take each roller out of the hair whilst immediately winding the freshly curled hair around your finger to encourage extra curl, spritz the hair with your favourite hairspray- mine is of course Elnett by L'Oreal Paris and you're left with beautifully bouncy hair! It looks like you've just walked out of a salon after a blow dry thats how amazing these rollers really are!

You can buy these rollers from Very or Boots for £45 which I think is a great price for how fabulous these rollers are!


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