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Monday, 18 November 2013

With winter just around the corner its time we pay special attention to our precious complexions! Being so exposed to the gruesome weather and being at the forefront to all elements its essential we inject some serious moisture into our skin. My favourite skin saviours photographed below will ensure you're fully protected, cleansed and moisturised so you can concentrate on keeping warm without flakey dull complexions to bring us down! 

  • Clinique 'Take The Day Off' Cleansing Milk - Use this after a long day to dissolve makeup, leaving skin SUPER soft, comfortable free of residue and fully cleansed ready for a good nights sleep. 
  • Clarins 'Gentle Eye Makeup Remover' - If you don't use eye make remover and just a cleansing wipe to remove your mascara then you need to start, it makes a HUGE difference to the delicate skin around your precious eyes and its something that can reduce lines and wrinkles for later in life! This non-oily remover gently takes away all traces of eye makeup in one sweep and leaves eyes fresh and cleansed. 
  • Aesop 'Parsley Seed Facial Cleansing Oil' - I use this twice a week as part of my skincare regime as it's recharges my skin with the nutrients it needs to look as glowing as possible. I don't like using oil based cleansers on a daily basis as it leaves a slight oily residue, so the perfect sunday night pamper cleanser or night time moisture surge. 
  • Clinique 'Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion'- This new improved formula is for very dry to dry skin and helps strengthen skins own moisture barrier, so more moisture stays in leaving skin soft and springy. I use this morning and evening after cleansing and my skin has never felt so soft. 
Enjoy these products and have happy, healthy and well moisturised skin! 

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