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Friday, 6 September 2013

It's that time of year again, the time that every child in the country hates and every mother can't wait for (whether they admit it or not!)...yes you guessed it BACK TO SCHOOL time is upon us!

I'm not about to recommend hip stationary to take to school but as its the time of year to get organised and take control of things after a summer of sun, sea and fun so I figured sharing my most stylish stationary finds would be rather useful, if your anything like me and utterly obsessed with cool stationary.

Not only have my best friend and I launched a branding and publicity agency, Psaila&Dyer- check it out if you have a spare few minutes,  I'm also only a week away from flying out to NYC to explore the city and review some spas, which is the most exciting event of the year! So with these exciting events happening in my life, I feel there simply couldn't be a more perfect time to get my life into order and ensure I'm fully prepared with a sophisticated handbag pen and head turning note books and journals to keep life in balance and order, as we can all agree organisation is the key to success! I've recently discovered a great website for all of your luxury stationary needs...I'm an absolute addict already!

Faber Castell 

This beautifully made ivory ballpoint pen is a sleek cigar shape with sophisticated chrome finishes and is such a pleasure to write with it actually motivates you to write as much as possible which is exactly what you want from a pen right?! Not only does it write like a dream its such an on-trend classic accessory it now has a permanent place in my Mulberry bayswater bag, a pen to be truly proud of! 

This neon notepad is the PERFECT handbag sized saviour! Not only so on trend right now in terms of its bright colour but the quality of the paper and handy elastic makes it ideal to pop in even your smallest handbag. Check out the entire fabulous Pantone Universe range here

This pearly card case is the handiest little item to carry in your bag whilst on your travels, keeping them all in one convenient place. The curved edges and smooth design make this not only a stylish item you want to show off but the anodized aluminium its made of is of highest possible quality making it the most robust little accessory that every business trip is in need of. 

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