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Friday, 27 September 2013

Autumn is here and summer is well and truly behind us which means of course a new wardrobe and new makeup looks to suit the season, but most importantly I've been excited about having brand new HAIR to see the season in!

After years of having hair extensions and experimenting with colour my hair poor hair has gone through serious trauma! So I figured what better time to turn a new autumnal leaf and start embracing what I already have! So with this in mind I've made a huge sensible decision and had my hair cut into a long bob and I've made a vow to focus on taking proper care of my precious hair this season!

Taylor Taylor London

I went along to the Taylor Taylor London boutique hair salon in Shoreditch after an incredible recommendation, and came away feeling truly fabulous. Not only did my hair look healthier than its looked in years (i did have 6 inches cut off of split ends!) I spent ages talking to Rory O'connell (one of the top stylists at Taylor Taylor) about the look I wanted to achieve and after listening to his advice he went ahead and created a style that not only looks so on-trend for the new season, but a style I can easily maintain and grow meaning my hair will for the first time in my life grow naturally thick, healthy and split end free! I seriously recommend the boutique Taylor Taylor salon to anyone- they've just had a makeover and it looks amazing! Plus the endless cocktails during my haircut was a welcomed extra!

Now I've had my hair cut to perfection I want to fortify my hair with everything it needs to grow as strong and healthy as possible. I've been looking into this in great depth (being the hair obsessed girl I am) and I've chosen the following products, treatments and supplements to ensure I have the healthiest hair in town!

Redken Extreme Collection
This top selling haircare range has been created to deliver advanced strengthening and repair to distressed hair. The exclusive Interlock Protein Network - (a revolutionary new delivery system that brings protein to the core of the hair fiber) fortifies your hair from within and restores the internal strength of the hair and rebuilds surface protection, it also prevents breakage by 75%. I've only been using these products for two weeks now and my hair feels great! I have every faith using these products on my hair will improve the strength of it, I'm excited to watch it grow into a thick and beautiful mane! 

Kerastase Densifique - Hair Density programme

Kerastase has created something absolutely extraordinary... Densifique. This powerful formula improves hair density of thinning hair, resulting in fuller healthier looking hair. Who wouldn't want that? Especially if your hair has suffered trauma like mine over the years. This box of magic includes ten pots of formula, you simply attach the applicator to the pot and apply to the scalp on dry or towel dried hair- massage in circular motions and spread on your hair. Kerastase recommend you use this treatment for 3 months to see a dramatic difference to the density to your hair, but I've been using it for 5 days and can already feel the difference in the thickness! Science is a wonderful thing and whilst many products make glorious claims Densifique is one to invest in if you suffer from thin hair. 

Viviscal Hair supplements 

Viviscal hair growth supplements are designed to maintain healthy hair from within and does this by ensuring the hair follicle, from which 100% of the hair growth comes, is nourished with key ingredients such as Biotin, and Zinc to help normal health growth. I've been taking these supplements for a week now and the suggested time to take them to start seeing results is 3 lets see how 
my hair is looking by Christmas!

Kent Healthy Hair Brush 

This fat quilted paddle brush is the ultimate hair tool needed to maintain your beautiful locks. I've made the mistake in the past of brushing my wet hair with the wrong sort of hairbrush which leads to heavy unnecessary breakage so I do recommend investing in this brush by Kent to ensure your hair is as healthy as possible with minimal breakages! The air cushioned head will protect your scalp from damage whilst your brush and detangle your hair, but the special thing about this hairbrush is the fat quilted pins that slide through your wet and tangled hair gently releasing knots without breaking! 

Wake up Beautiful campaign...

My A/W 'wake up beautiful' campaign is something I want to use to encourage women out there to embrace their natural beauty without the need of hair extensions and tons of fake tan and lashes. So this being my first instalment I've done the leg work on the best products and remedies out there... watch this space for my natural hair and beauty updates!

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