A loved classic: Liz Earle

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Liz Earle skincare is a first choice brand for so many women out there and it's one that ever since I was recommended to use it on my first day interning on the Vogue beauty desk I've never forgotten.

As you can imagine (and can probably relate to) I've tried and tested so many different skincare brands and I've experienced a mixture of results...quick fixes, disappointment and occasionally very occasionally satisfaction but not necessarily on a long term level. That's why I've been focusing on new launches and loved classics the passed month, check out my latest Metro beauty bulletin here and wanted to dedicate a whole post about one of my most loved classics...Liz Earle.

 Cleanse...Tone...Moisturise twice a day, every day for healthy looking, beautiful skin is Liz Earle's Mantra and one we should all abide by.

1. Cleanse & Polish is a multi award winning product and has become famous in the world of skincare for its glowing results. If you haven't tried it make it a priority to do so, its amazing.
Phase one- This plant based cleanser has a two-phase action...phase one is the cleansing (free from mineral oil) rich and creamy in texture it removes all makeup, even hard to remove mascara and nourishes whilst doing so.
Phase two- the next phase polishes your complexion, use the muslin cloth which you get with the cleanser (in a cute little mint green zip bag- perfect for travelling with!). The muslin cloth dislodges dead skin cells and helps to reveal clean, soft and beautifully radiant skin.

2. Instant Boost Skin Tonic is step two in the famous Liz Earle skincare regime and my favourite step as it feels so satisfying and fresh! You can almost feel the impurities vanishing. This floral scented, non-drying toner soothes and brightens your skin whilst adding a layer of moisture. Refreshing ingredients include aloe vera, calendula, chamomile, cucumber, and natural source of vitamin E known for its natural soothing properties.

3. Skin Repair Moisturiser- This light moisturiser is the third and final step in the ultimate skincare regime designed to better your skin to new levels of radiance. Naturally active ingredients include avocado oils, borage and antioxidants beta-carotene and vitamin E which work together to replace lost moisture and help protect skin against dryness.

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