Chanel No 5 Hair Mist

Sunday, 28 July 2013

I've never tried a hair fragrance before, to tell the truth have never liked the idea of having sticky perfume drying my hair out...but that was before Chanel No 5 hair mist came into my life. I'm officially in love with this luxurious product and my hair has never been happier.

I love how this hair mist oh so subtly perfumes my hair without over powering it, which I predicted could possibly happen with Chanel No 5, as it's such a strikingly classic scent. However I was pleasantly surprised to discover it being the perfect balance of subtle, fresh fragrance but with that noticeable and seductive 'Chanel' scent.
BEAUTY NOTE: Chanel hair mist is designed not to dry your hair out, so there's no need to worry about it damaging your hair in anyway, unlike if you spray actual perfume on your hair its a big no no! (I'm guilty of this but will not be doing it anymore now I have hair mist in my life!). 

I love love love the light and convenient bottle this hair mist comes in, making it the perfect product to keep in your handbag to spritz and refresh! Also a perfect holiday fragrance too, great for sun-kissed evenings to add glamour to your tousled beachy hair. 

All in all I highly recommend investing in a bottle of Chanel hair mist, it will keep your hair happy! 

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