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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Bare Skin Beauty  is my chosen natural skincare choice and a brand I want each and every one of you to know about it. 
These handmade products will quite literally feed your precious skin with the essential vitamins, botanical and raw ingredients it needs to reveal naturally healthy, glowing skin. 

Bare Skin Beauty has effected me in a way I never thought a single beauty brand could, and after meeting with the skin doctor Juliette Scarfe herself, I feel I've started to learn what and get to grips with what it is our skin craves and requires to be the best it can possibly be, resulting in skin we can be proud to show off. 

Juliette has given me the basic knowledge I need to start to understand how what we put onto our skin effects the look and feel of our skin, which can be life changing in some severe skin cases. 
What our skin really needs to be beautiful...

To put simply we need not only a healthy lifestyle, and to consume a fresh, balanced diet but so importantly we need to stick to a natural skincare regime in order to feed our skin with raw, natural ingredients...this will without a doubt affect our skin in the most positive of ways and I don't think as a nation we are educated enough in this field. Working with Juliette has made me realise that so many established brands out there make false claims when marketing their products, saying that the ingredients inside are natural when in reality are combined with so many harmful ingredients that the product ends up being far from 'natural'.

Juliette's Mission...

Juliette wanted to create a range of skincare products good enough to take on the tough challenge of not only competing against big commercial beauty brands, but more importantly set out to teach people how to properly feed their skin with what it needs to be truly beautiful and how to combine a skincare routine with nutrition, vitality and wellness.

Juliette's natural skincare formulations (handmade and packaged herself) are jam packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and flavonoids, giving our skin exactly what it craves and are a true example of NATURAL beauty. 

Juliette put her invaluable knowledge into practice and created a range of products packed so full of goodness there's simply no match to the harsh chemicals used within commercial brands and the results are outstanding. Juliette successfully created this skincare brand after years and years of learning about the true science of natural beauty and by discovering the true shocking extent of how what we put into our skin can really cause lasting damage over time. 

Bare Skin Beauty is with infused with all of Juliette's passion, love and extraordinary determination and I'm so happy I've found a truly natural beauty brand so outstanding and precious to me I want to shout about it! This may sound like a cliche but seeing is believing, once you try one of Juliette's skincare products I can guarantee you will be amazed enough to want to invest in her range. 
Go to - to discover Juliette's exquisite natural skincare range

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