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Friday, 26 July 2013

Inspired by Love and Freedom, this special and totally unique brand is my idea of dreamy jewellery.  

This Australian jewellery brand feels like it's based almost around the love story of the couple who created it. Each special piece is crafted lovingly and designed around meaningful experiences both Alice and Leon have stumbled upon during their travels, which makes the brand that more special. 
I truly love that this is not just a money making business, but has a real story behind it and you know the quality of the jewellery is of highest possible standard as soon as you set eyes on the delicate detail. 

I was instantly drawn to this brand after discovering them on Instagram (aliceandleon) and knew as soon as I saw the Alicia rings so elegantly photographed, I had to have one in my life. 
I love how individual and earthly their pieces of jewellery are, unusual designs yet so wearable, giving your style added individual edge in the most elegant of ways.
The collection is designed around an artistic and natural world of love and pure freedom and my Alicia ring photographed below, almost radiates this positive energy each and every time I wear it.
My Alicia Brown ring is gold plated and is so beautiful I literally can't stop looking at it! It hugely compliments my outfits and reminds me of a world so far away, it takes me away to a fantasy world 
far from the busy city I live in... I the Alice & Leon ethos 'Imagination has no boundaries'.  
I've been matching my Alicia ring with sleek, sophisticated outfits and also with my other more minimilistic pieces of jewellery to ensure my Alicia remains my key piece.
I can tell the Alice & Leon range of jewellery will be an addiction, I already have my eyes on investing in another Alicia ring to stack with my brown stone (I saw this look on Instagram and it works incredibly well).

Be sure to check out the full collection by clicking here, If you're anything like me you will fall in love instantly! 

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