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Monday, 3 June 2013

This week I'm kind of obsessed with MagnaScopic mascara by Estee Lauder... my lashes haven't looked this good since my lash extensions so naturally had to share with you all and pick this mascara as my product of the week!

As you will agree it's so incredibly hard to find a great mascara, there's averagely 'good' ones out there but finding a mascara that goes the extra mile in making your lashes look dramatic enough to be noticed is a task and a half.

MagnaScopic promises to magnify your lashes by 300% and as outrageous as this may seem you just have to give it a try to see how fabulous the results are. Whilst its true different brands work for different people and different lashes, I've been trailing a few mascaras over the last month and this one is a worthy investment.

Ok I can almost hear you wondering how on earth this mascara can magnify your lashes by as much as to explain a few things, the key to MagnaScopic is a unique combination of a technology advanced lofting complex called Expandex- this is where ultra-fine colour pigments and a patented speed-metered brush work together to separate each and every lash making them look as dramatic as possible.
I love that with minimal effort (by this i mean only having to coat the lashes once not a three times over in order to create a good enough look like you have to do with most mascaras) you get results worth blogging about.

As you can see from the photos above my lashes (which are naturally fairly short) are luscious, long and super voumised.. in LOVE.

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