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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the special launch of Iris Prima, Penhaligon's spectacular new scent.

Inspired by the National Ballet, Iris Prima captures the very essence of the ballet with a delicious strength of the Prima Ballerina and the sweat and tears it took to be just that. This unique scent reminds me of a beautiful but powerful woman soft, powdery and perfectly pretty on the exterior but deep, intense and fierce within.

Master perfumer Alberto Morillas worked extremely hard to get to the very depth of the ballet in order to create a fragrance as special as this one. Alberto was granted exclusive access to English National Ballet dancers, Nathan Young and Lauretta Summerscales and Alberto attended rehearsals and theater shows to truly understand this phenomenal artistic world and exquisitely capture it inside a Penhaligon's bottle.
Prima Ballerina... Bergamot opens the dance with it's citrus freshness as gracefully as prima ballerina makes her first leap into the spotlight...Green amber subtly softens and contrasts with pink pepper, which sparkles much like the steps of the ballerina on pointe. But it's Iris that we've all been waiting for. Taking center stage Iris explodes around prima ballerina with its natural elegance and grace and oh so powdery charm that you can't help but gasp at. Hedione and Paridisione create a sense of luminosity.
The base of the scent is created by a musky leather note representing the pointe shoe with light touches of sandalwood, vetiver, vanilla and benzoin to signify the soul of the ancient theatres and all that shadows within them.

I feel so very drawn to this scent and can't quite decide whether its the fierce, yet ever so elegant representation of a world I've not only been apart of from a young age but adore or be it the notes used to create Iris Prima. This is a scent to embrace my autumn with and warm my winter with.
Iris Prima will launch in the UK at Penhaligon's boutiques and online on 9th September 2013.

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