Jax coco - My coconut beauty water

Friday, 7 June 2013

Jax coco is my new health and beauty water- running with my new ethos to 'feed your skin' coconut water is a fat and cholesterol free natural energy drink, with no added sugar or artificial preservatives and only 53 calories! It's the perfect hydrating beauty drink to aid health and well being.

Named the fluid of life, Jax coco is a naturally isotonic beverage with the same level of electrolyte balance as we have in our blood... It's insane how one carton can be filled with enough goodness to hydrate our bodies more efficiently than water itself, as it provides the much needed electrolytes that our bodies require when dehydrated. This is the most ideal pre or post gym workout drink- topping you up with the nutrients your body needs when working up a sweat.

Natures energy drink....Being the caffeine addict I am I probably need Jax coco more than the average person and whilst I do have the intention to cut down on drinking coffee, I need something to almost wean me off of it and after talking to other coconut water addicts I'm filled with confidence that this will give me the energy fix that my morning coffees give me, but in a totally natural way. Each 250 ml bottle of Jax coco contains 325mg of potassium- which is the same as a whole banana! Jax coco is naturally isotonic and contains 5 essential electrolytes; Magnesium, Sodium, Phosporous, Potassium and calcium- full of goodness!

If you haven't yet tried coconut water I recommend you try Jax coco, as I've tried lots of other brands of coconut water such as Vita coco and really disliked the taste of it- so don't let that put you off and give Jax coco a try!

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  1. I adore coconut water, will have to give this a go



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