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Monday, 6 May 2013

Since this stunning fragrance by Maison Francis Kurkdjian landed in my palms and insisted on caressing my neck with it's overwhelmingly seductive scent, I literally have not stopped wearing it....

Amyris, launched as a fragrance duo for both men and women is a carefully captured scent secured beautifully inside a square Parisian roof top inspired bottle, so pretty you're dressing table craves it's presence.
Amyris is made of an enchanting cocktail of Florentine iris and a resin derived from amyris, a flowering Jamaican tree often referred to as 'torchwood' due to its flammability. 

The reason I think I feel so drawn to this special fragrance is that I am naturally attracted to strong musky scents, but Amyris combines this muskiness so gracefully and perfectly with iris that it makes for a scent like no other, a scent to addictive you can't quite get enough of it...
Given the events of the past week it's timing seems to be impeccable. Amyris is a strong enough fragrance to resemble a special time and moment in my life that no matter how it turns out or what happens next it will remain a fragrance to be cherished regardless. 

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