Natural Beauty Case Study: Ark Skincare

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colours and styles and we all, whether we like to admit it or not feel the pressure to look good at all times. This a hard subject to tackle as we all experience and encounter such varied lifestyles. We live in different places and are subjected to different types of stresses in life that impacts on our ‘inner beauty’.

So how can one beauty regime by one brand suit all skin types and be effective and natural enough to enhance the look of our skin, prepare our skin for ageing and protect our precious complexions from the harsh elements that life throws at us? It’s a task and a half that’s for sure.

Over the last few months I’ve been experimenting with different skincare brands and focusing on how these brands use a combination of natural ingredients, branding and how they each have their own unique ethos to encourage us to invest in their products and how well they really work. I want to share with you all the brands I believe make a real difference.

The first brand I want to introduce is Ark Age Aware Skincare. This brand is a new discovery of mine that over the past few months I’ve grown extremely passionate about due to the dramatic effect it’s had on my complexion from using it strictly every single morning and night. My skin feels clearer, glowing and noticeably more radiant and I honestly put this down to me using Ark skincare alongside a healthy balanced diet and active lifestyle.

‘If our eyes are the window to our soul, then our skin is the mirror to our health.’ I love this quote from Ark as it demonstrates and teaches us that we need to listen to what our skin is telling us and respond to it, knowing what our skin needs and when during our lifetime it needs it. Our skin will require different ingredients and formulas at different times in our life so therefore investing in a brand that caters to each step should provide us with a lifetime of perfected skin.

There are so many skincare brands out there promising miracles for our skin, but Ark works in a different way. Ark’s Skin Health programme delivers results specific to your age; age prepare, age maintain and age repair for the three major stages in our life span. As we choose clothes and makeup to compliment our age and shape, our skincare regime must do exactly that too, giving us individually exactly what we need for our own skin at exactly the right time in our lives.

I've been using the ‘Age Prepare’ skincare range and couldn't go a day now without feeding it with the Ark’s cleanser, hydrating toner and moisturiser plus once a week I’ve been using the refining exfoliator and I've been adding a few drops of the radiance serum into my moisturiser before I go to sleep so I wake up glowing and fresh faced!

I can’t recommend this brand enough so check out the website for the full range – Watch this space for the next part of my case study into natural beauty.

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