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Monday, 20 May 2013

It's time to update my makeup brush collection and what better brand to invest in than earth-friendly EcoTools.
EcoTools products are created around an earth-friendly beauty ethos and made with soft cruelty free bristles, aluminium ferrules and sleek bamboo handles.
Making eco friendly choices in my beauty routine has worked wonders on my skin, all thanks to Juliette Scarfe my very own skin doctor (check out- This truly wonderful and knowledgeable woman has hugely inspired me to make real conscious decisions about exactly what I'm feeding my skin with. EcoTools is my eco friendly beauty tool brand that I'm more than proud to be using.

Fresh and Flawless complexion set
These conveniently sized brushes are designed to be used together to create a flawless complexion. From hiding imperfections to building an airbrushed and matte finished face this cute collection of brushes caters for each area of the face.
I've made it my mission to stop using my fingers to apply concealer and start religiously using my EcoTools flat concealer brush to camouflage blemishes and even my skin tone all ready for my foundation base. It's way more hygienic than using my fingers and creates a more perfected complexion.

Foam Foundation Applicator
I've been especially excited to try EcoTools newest launch, foam foundation applicator!
Perfect for a flawless, airbrushed finish when applying liquid foundation. What I love most about this makeup tool is how the sponge is shaped, the pointed top and flat side makes it so easy to apply the foundation to the contours of your face, ensuring every area is evenly covered.
I've used sponges and brushes before but the difference is it has the quality of being on a stick like a foundation brush, (giving you full control) but the flawless finish that in my experience only a sponge can create. The unique shape of the sponge sets this makeup tool apart from anything I've previously used- highly recommend giving it a try!

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