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Sunday, 14 April 2013

April has been a rather refreshing time of change for me so far in nearly all areas of my life, which has been really exciting yet very exhausting ... this means only one thing, a visit to Pro Hands beauty salon.

Pro Hands based in the heart of Acton is my newest beauty salon discovery that offers a beauty salon experience like no other. Established in 2005 this impressive family run business promises to go above and beyond for their clients, offering a holistic and totally therapeutic approach to beauty.

After meeting the family of Pro Hands (as I call them) it's difficult not to instantly fall in love with them and feel apart of the special vibe and connection they've worked so incredibly hard to build up and share with each and every one of their clients.

Pro Hands is one of those hidden little gems that once you discover you literally want to shout about- its the perfect family run beauty salon that makes you feel beautifully refreshed both inside and out.

Inspirational quotes painted on the walls of the salon

The unique aspect to Pro Hands which sets it apart from every other beauty salon in London is the fact that it has a really lovely, heart warming and empowering feel to much so that when I first met Marcie, Ellie and Elham I ended up staying for hours drinking tea, eating cake and discussing the wonders and woes of the world, making me feel strong minded fresh and revitalised. If you ask me this huge added extra is not on the menu of treatments at any other salon!

After the Pro Hands girls so passionately told me about the 'Avatar facial' I couldn't not experience it for myself and what better time than now, after the last few weeks of stress! 'Me' time was well over due until this point, making it even more of a cherished experience as life has been going 10000 mph as of late!

Avatar Facial - Ok I don't really know how to describe this very unique treatment, and describing it as a facial just doesn't cut it as really, it's a full body treatment that literally takes you out of this world! I promise I'm not exaggerating, this treatment is unlike anything I've ever experienced before and i recommend you give it a try. The Avatar facial stimulates and heightens your 5 senses taking you to a new level of relaxation and rejuvenation .

What I love most about this special treatment is the fact that you have two people working on you, I had Elham giving me a thorough facial and when I say thorough i mean blackheads were removed my face was steamed and treated with active Murad serums, creams and oils that left my face glowing. Whilst I received my facial Marcie was massaging my feet and legs which makes your senses go a very good way! I could quite literally feel the built up stress and tension leaving my was utter bliss!!

Yummy treats by the lovely Pro Hands girls before my treatment!

The philosophy behind Pro Hands has really left a lasting inprint on me, it's so true when they tell me the true importance that looking after ones body is good for the mind and ultimately creates a happier individual. I think every woman should invest in a treatment at least once a month, be it a facial, massage, pedicure or manicure. It's the most perfect way to recharge the batteries and just sit back and enjoy some time to properly's vital and now i've found pro Hands I'll most definitely be arranging my next treatment and catch up with the Pro Hands girls!

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