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Monday, 22 April 2013

With spring in full force and Summer just around the corner we as women (and men in some cases) as a standard procedure must pamper ourselves into summer time goddesses and there really is only one place that offers every type of beauty treatment under one roof (a beautiful roof at that) in an exclusive boutique style salon...Gielly Green.

Gielly Green is a luxurious haven offering bespoke treatments in a beautifully designed salon, situated right in the heart of London's Marlyebone. This boutique salon delivers a service so thoughtful to each of their clients and of such high quality that you that you literally walk out feeling like a brand new woman... which is exactly the idea! Leaving winter well and truly behind with a fresh new summertime look to enjoy.

Back to Blonde- Colour by Tanya

As some of you may know from reading my previous posts, I made a transition in hair colour and decided to take a step back from my blonde beachy hair and match the winter season with darker much more toned down hair- boarder line brown. I can honestly say I enjoyed it at first, but I'm a real blondie at heart and ever since my blondness was banished I've been longing for it back. So as the sun has finally decided to come out and stay out I decided this couldn't be a more perfect time to take a trip to Gielly Green and completely refresh my look.

As soon as I arrived on Saturday I was shown around the salon and oh my goodness what a beautiful place, Gielly Green really is an entire house of beauty from the Shavata Brow Lounge to the Omoge nail bar this is not your standard hair and beauty salon, not even in the slightest.

After my colour consultation with Tanya I felt totally reassured that I would leave the salon looking and feeling fabulous with the perfect, natural shade of blonde that I had envisioned. It's always my biggest worry whenever I have my hair coloured, that it won't look how I visualised it looking. This was not the case and after a few hours of sitting back relaxing and catching up on my magazines and drinking coffee, I was taken to have my hair washed, conditioned and intensely massaged...this was incredible! So, so relaxing and very nearly made me fall asleep!

Cut and Blow Dry by William Hunt 

When I was introduced to the lovely Will I straight away knew that I was in the best hands possible.
Will not only made me feel comfortable and as relaxed as possible he gave my hair a much needed cut, which I was absolutely dreading until Will explained how it would hugely benefit the condition and entire look of my hair. Will took away what was needed from my length in terms of split ends, which has made my hair look fabulously thick, more volumised and SO much healthier! And to my surprise the cut hasn't made a huge difference in the overall length. Ok here's the BEST bit...William Hunt's Blow Dries are INSANELY good and I could not recommend having one done enough. The best thing was, Will patiently explained and showed me how to create the look at's my recreation (I may have cheated with rollers as I struggled to make it look as great as Will did!)

Omoge Nail Bar- Shellac Nails by Ellie

Whilst Will finished off my hair Ellie made a start on my nails and for the first time in my life I was about to experience Shallac nails! This was such an exciting experience for me as I've been considering them for such a long time and have heard lots of positive reviews, but because I love to paint my own nails I've never given it a go..until now. Ellie just like every member of the handpicked team at Gielly Green team was clearly at the top of her profession, she perfected my nails taking extra special care with my cuticles and then once I'd chosen my nail colour (I went for a classic red, of course) Ellie then started on the shellac process! I can't believe how quickly it took to do and how gorgeously shiny and perfect they looked at the end... I can already see this turning into an addiction!
With my hair looking big, bouncy and beautifully blonde and my nails groomed to absolute perfection, I left Gielly Green feeling like a pampered princess and more than ready for summer time, all thanks to the Gielly Green team, I can't thank them enough!

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