Fleur de Figuier

Saturday, 6 April 2013

When this fragrance landed on my desk I couldn't have opened the packaging faster...being a big Roger and Gallet fan thanks to being introduced to the lovely 'Rose Imaginaire'  I was keen to see if the brand new fragrance 'Fleur de Figuier' lived up to my already high expectations... and after three days solid of wearing my new fig inspired fragrance I can safely say it will most definitely be one of my 2013 summer scents.

Francis Kurkdjian, creator of Fleur de Figuier describes it as 'A siesta during the warm hours and late afternoon walks come immediately to mind'.
Being the Mediterranean girl I am, I was instantly drawn to the intensity and subtle warmth of this fragrance so delicately laced with floral freshness and twinge of sweetness that is Fleur De Figuier.

I can only describe Fleur De Figuier as being a captured Mediterranean summer in a bottle! Every spritz brings a feeling of happy summer memories... a perfect scent to wear during the summer months or to be worn in preparation for a warm and exciting summer ahead, giving us the motivational lift we all need from time to time...It's the reassuring feeling that summer can be with us in just a few sprays.

I hope I haven't described this scent as being too oceanic when highlighting its Mediterranean qualities, as I must remind you of key special ingredients that make it what it is,as this fragrance has very much a floral structure.The bark from the fig tree may leave you with a deep woody and addictively musky feeling, but mix this with a the rawness and freshness of the flower (as the fig tree is also a flower) plus unripe notes of fruit... we are left with an intense yet surprisingly delicate fresh but sweet fragrance that will take us through the spring and into the summer.
I also recommend trying the Fleur de Figuier body lotion, this beautifully smelling melting formula infused with fig pulp literally feeds your skin with deeply moisturising active ingredients extracted from the bud of the plant, which is known for its softening and effect of suppleness.

The new Fleur de Figuier range will be available from the Marks and Spencer beauty halls from May.

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