Saturday, 9 March 2013

A shiny face is not ideal and is something we're all faced with (pardon the pun). No matter what the weather is doing, whether its dull and rainy, boiling hot or freezing cold outside there's no escaping the dreaded SHINE! That's why I simply had to test out Clarins Ever Matte shine control powder compact to see if it could take on the task to combat my issue of shine and keep my complexion perfectly matte.

The 'Shine-Stopper' complex instantly matifies the face with its combination of plant and mineral extracts whilst tightening the pores and massively increasing the hold of your makeup.

This powder works perfectly to set your foundation and to give it that matte flawless look and also great to use during the day when you need to refresh your makeup and get rid of the shine on your t-zone area.

Needless to say the packaging (as always) is so glamourous which makes me love Clarin's that bit more!!

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  1. Wow. Packaging is gorgeous but the product inside also looks amazing, I've never tried a really high end powder but I suffer with shine a lot so may need to give something like this a go, thanks for posting about it



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