Sunday, 3 March 2013

This oversized translucent clutch is a new trend that is growing by the second! Loved by Made In Chelsea's Rosie Fortescue it seems Klear Kutches are the latest 'IT' Klutch with a K.
With spring creeping up on us I feel this new fashion accessory will be the perfect addition to any outfit, be it for a night out or a casual city look Klear Klucth will almost certainly add some quirkiness to your outfit.

What's in my KLUTCH....
I've been experimenting with my KK and discovered there are so many ways to style it, depending on your mood and outfit. As you can see I've chosen a red theme and combined my red leather Noble Macmillan pouch with my Aspinal of London phone case. I love how the red stands out against your outfit....

Being the beauty girl I am I couldn't resist to fill my Klutch with MAKEUP!! KK makes the perfect makeup bag to pop in your weekend bag when you go away, so you can actually see all of your treasured beauty treats. 

Here I've matched my KK with my beloved Mulberry pink animal print makeup bag...a bag within a bag! 

To purchase your very own Klear Klutch check out the website - http://klearklutch.com/ RRP £59.99 

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