Easter Weekend Skin Detox

Saturday, 30 March 2013

This long bank holiday Easter weekend has inspired me to give my skin a little detox (maybe it's the guilt of the likely chocolate overdosing that I'll be subjecting myself to!)

I'm putting my foundation to one side and testing out Clarins brand new BB Skin Perfecting Cream which promises to behave like skincare but look like make-up.... intriguing, very intriguing.
This super light and creamy product offers 3-in-1 benefits consisting of revitalising, protecting and perfecting. I have never been a huge BB Cream lover as I feel like by replacing my foundation with a BB Cream its almost compromising my overall makeup finish in some way, mainly in regards to coverage as BB Creams I've used in the past have lacked on the coverage front and have made me run straight back to my rich foundations which act as almost a comfort blanket!

But in ALL honestly I feel like I've been totally converted after using Clarins Perfecting BB Cream and I really never thought I'd say it so please believe it and if you can give it a go because as with most beauty products, seeing is believing.

Wearing Clarins BB Perfecting Cream in 02 
Revitalizes: Enriched with organic Kiwi Extract with antioxidant and  anti-fatigue benefits it really does energise the skin. Katatfray extract being exclusive to Clarins aids the skins natural hydration process and even minimises fine lines and wrinkles for maturer skins.

Protects: Pollution protection is key in this product as it includes anti-free radical Vitamin E, antioxidant White Tea extract and Succory Dock provide complete pollution protection whilst 100% natural mineral sun filters sheild skin from UVA and UVB rays....PERFECT holiday product!!!

Perfects: 3D Radiance and light correcting pigments brightens dark and shadowed areas on the face, making your complexion truly glow! The best thing about this BB Cream is the fact the fantastic coverage is just as good as a foundation making it a no brainer in terms of being a great makeup investment.

This BB Perfecting Cream not only betters your skin enriching your face with vitamins and minerals but has the coverage of a foundation so give your face a break every once in a while and use this BB Cream.

Available in May this is a MUST have beauty essential we should all be adding into our makeup regimes.

Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm

In addition to Detoxing my complexion I've also been detoxing my pout with another vitamin enriched beauty treat by Clarins, Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm. I can't quite describe how edible and tasty smelling this lip balm is, it honestly smells good enough to eat! I have '05 Crystal Rose' which I thought would be fairly subtle but to my surprise comes out a deep red/dark pink colour it's such a lovely bright shade, perfect for spring/summer. See photo below for colour-
This new product is one of my favourite new beauty products of 2013 as it provides the comfort, care and hydration of a lip balm but the intense vibrant colour of a lipstick...AMAZING.
I honestly think it's a great idea maybe one week in every month to give your complexion a break and use a fab BB Cream like this one so feed your skin with goodness.

Happy Easter everyone....Lots of Love xx

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  1. Wow! This is very convincing. I've read reviews about BB and it seems like this is really a great product. I have been wanting to try using it.



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