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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Let me introduce Lauren's Way 'Big Bun', if you thought the usual bun was a statement then this brand new hair accessory goes above and beyond the word statement! I must admit I was fairly uncertain at how the bun would actually look and was concerned that maybe, just maybe, dare I say it it might look slightly TOO big... But after experimenting with it I have to say I do LOVE Lauren's Way Big Bun- it's fabulous and a big hair statement! 

I love how this bun delivers instant GLAMOUR to your look, this bun would quite literally make your outfit and give your style that extra WOW. 

How to create the look; 

  1. Simply tie your hair into a tight pony tail making sure all of your whispy pieces of hair are neatly hairsprayed down
  2. Pull your ponytail through the middle of the bun
  3. Now placing the bun directly at the base of your ponytail let your hair fountain over the top of the bun covering it completely 
  4. Using kirby grips secure the hair at the base of the bun, tucking the ends underneath the bun for a neat look. 
  5. Hairspray your big bun and voila! 

If you're not yet convinced, try it for yourself as this bun is a good investment especially for the days you just don't know what to do with your hair (I have this problemalmost everyday!!)- the Big Bun is the answer!!

I'm looking forward to experimenting with more products and hair accessorise from the Lauren's Way range as I'm a BIG fan of the BIG BUN! 

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