Hair Trend: The Scrunchie

Saturday, 23 February 2013

After reading this weeks issue of Stylist magazine I stumbled across a rather surprising hair trend… The Scrunchie! Yes you read it right, believe it or not the hair symbol of the eighties is back to haunt us.
 I thought my scrunchie days were over a decade ago but it seems this is not the case. As spotted at the Ashish show at Fashion Week, models took to the catwalk with heads held high and roughly arranged buns messily secured with Scrunchies!
Writing this post is bringing my child hood hair memories back and the SCRUNCHIE is most definitely something I didn’t think anyone, let alone Cara Delevingne of all people, would be revisiting.
As you can gather from the tone of my post, I’m far from impressed with this so-called ‘Trend’ as Stylist calls it, but lets see what the future of hair trends holds as you never know I might be eating my words and rocking the Scrunchie myself! (Sarcasm*)

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