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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

CONCEALERS: OK we all use them whenever we get a spot or blemish here and there, especially during certain times of the month but since I've been reviewing spas and beauty treatments for my 'Beyond Beauty' section of my blog I've found myself sprouting spots left, right and center which makes me incredibly unhappy!
I've always had a fairly spot free complexion so I haven't taken my new found blemishes very well, which has forced me to investigate the one and only Benefit cosmetics range of concealers as I've heard so many great things.
First up is award winning 'Boi-ing' a classic, industrial strength concealer designed to completely camouflage spots, blemishes and those dreaded dark circles. After experimenting with this product I found it applies to the skin very well and completely blends into your skin tone without creasing or fading at all. I find concealers almost always crease so was pleasantly surprised to find Boi-ing does not. Also note that this product is now available in five shades and I recommend visiting a Benefit counter to be perfectly couloured matched.
Secondly we have beauty must have, 'Erase Paste'  a concentrated brightening concealer made to perfect discoloration, any complexion imperfections and completely hide and disguise dark circles (savior product for those hungover mornings!). I love the thick consistency of this product it feels like its quite literally creating a film over the darkest areas of my complexion.This product comes in three shades with brightening melon undertones, I used the Medium shade.

Erase Paste Beauty Lesson :
  1. Using the spatula provided just scoop out a tiny pea sized amount of erase paste from the pot and place on the back of your hand. Using your finger dot the paste on the inner and outer corners of your eye and then blend underneath and around your eye...hiding dark circles and brightening your entire under eye area .
  2. Camouflage shady areas by almost applying it to look like cat whiskers (sounds crazy, but this will ensure your shadowed areas are perfected) ! Do this in soft, upward strokes across the shadowed grooves.
  3. Conceal spots and blemishes by using the side of your finger to draw an 'X' over your spot and then gently pat the product with the flat of your fingertip. TIP- Use 10% more product to ensure the imperfection is super PERFECTED. 

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  1. Love Boi-ing!! Been using it for years!!!


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