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Monday, 7 January 2013

On Saturday I was invited along to Casa Spa - a traditional sanctuary of relaxation and intense cleansing. Tucked away on Edgeware Road this little spa is an absolute haven that everyone must take the time to experience at least once.
Helen Murphy owner and founder of Casa Spa believes that beauty is more than skin deep  and only a holistic approach to skin and body care can unveil your natural beauty....After my experience of Hammam I totally agree!
Amy and I arrived and were greeted with Moroccan tea in a beautiful pot and Helen warmly explained what treatments we were going to be experiencing...starting off with an unwinding foot massage.
Our first treatment was our Hammam cleansing which took place inside the Moroccan themed sauna itself. Hammam is a tradition that dates back centuries in Moroccan culture and is known as the most native form of cleansing there is- we had no idea what we were about to let ourselves in for!
After 15 minutes of relaxing inside the sauna the therapist came in and literally threw water all over us!! Myself and Amy screamed and screamed, it was such a shock but hilariously funny!! The therapist explained (after we'd finished screaming and she finished laughing, that the cold water is great for the skin as it closes the pores after being open from the intense heat of the sauna). It's funny because this may read as being a bad experience but funnily enough it was quite enjoyable and felt good to scream and let out all of our stress!

We were left to calm down and chill out before our black soap massage, the soft soap made from olives and argon oil, was applied all over our bodies.. this was SO relaxing- the therapist really massaged the soap into our bodies paying special attention to tension areas in our shoulders and back. This was left to soak into the skin and was then washed off with lovely warm water (not the freezing cold water we first experienced!).

We were both told to lie down whilst we were quite literally brushed down with a body brush- this exfoliating treatment was probably my favourite part of the day, it felt so nice to be properly scrubbed from head to toe. You could actually see the dead skin coming off our bodies!! (gross but so good).
After the most intense exfoliation of our lives we were covered in a mud body mask and then given an absolutely amazing head massage whilst the therapist applied a honey deep conditioning treatment to our hair.... we then had a shower and washed everything off.
Feeling completely and utterly relaxed and rather sleepy we were given our robes and slippers and laid down whilst a fruit salad was prepared for us- Helen warned us we'd be hungry and she was right, were starving!! We finished off with some more Moroccan tea and just relaxed in the lovely candlelit surroundings....and nearly fell asleep!

To finish off we were both given facials by Helen herself and then Amy had a full body massage whilst I experienced the Lipo Massage- a complete body toning and sculpting treatment which eliminates the resistant fat pockets that resist shifting with weight-loss diets and exercise- resulting in your skin looking and feeling more toned and firm . I was very intrigued about this treatment so I'm really glad I got the chance to have it done myself. I definitely felt I needed it after over indulging over the Christmas break!

What a fantastic experience I had at Casa Spa and one I would a million percent recommend to everyone!! I feel completely refreshed and recharged for the new year ahead!

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