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Monday, 24 December 2012

I've just tested this revolutionary new hair curling tool and WOW I'm surprised with the results...such a simple set of tools, requiring no special technique with minimal effort required to achieve volumised bouncy and natural curls.

Curl Pearls comes complete with only 4 pieces; The Curl Pearl itself, two large clips to keep the curl pearl in place and a water spray bottle to prep the hair with before the curl pearl is used.
How to use Curl Pearls...
  • Brush the hair and spritz lightly with water using the Curl Pearl water bottle 
  • Place the Curl Pearl on the crown of your head and pull your hair through it, making sure the Curl Pearl is tight to your head. 
  • Thread your hair through your Curl Pearl repeatedly winding it as tightly as possible, whilst making sure its as close to the head as you can get it. 
  • Clip the Curl Pearl into place using the clips, leave for an hour or slightly longer for longer hair and here are the results....

I cannot believe the incredible results of Curl Pearls- in only one short hour my hair was transformed from dead straight flat hair into big bouncy and beautifully curly hair! This is just amazing and any girl who tries this out with will be just as amazed as I am! I love the fact you don't have to use any heat whatsoever and its so easy to use! And at only £17.99 including P+P its there's no reason not to invest. Especially with NYE coming up, its ideal for a night out as you can put your Curl Pearls  in whilst your doing your makeup and getting ready and simply take out just before you're ready to leave and voila! 

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