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Sunday, 30 December 2012

''Beauty Starts with smooth, healthy, glowing skin' 
Bobbi Brown 

I have always loved Bobbi Brown for its amazing collection of blushers, brushes, shadows and lipsticks and have been intrigued about its skincare collection for such a long time that I figured I'd better stop wondering what its like and experience it for myself...and what better time than now, the start of a brand new year! New Year, New skincare regime...a healthy, glowing face makes the biggest and most beautiful difference.

Firstly we have Bobbi Brown's Hydrating Rich cream cleanser, containing fresh mineral water, creamy avocado butter and luxuriously enriched with natural Jojoba and grape seed oil leaving the skin feeling fantastically soft, cushioned and 100% clean and free from makeup, grime and pollution. This product is an absolute pleasure to use and when used religiously before you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning its guaranteed to leave your skin glowing.

Secondly we have these incredible Buffing Grains...OMG these are most definitely my favorite facial skincare treat! Formulated with Japanese Adzuki Bean powder to encourage skin cell turnover and to remove dry skin surface. These special exfoliating grains are designed to mix with any of the Bobbi Brown cleansers or can be used on there own with just water. I applied the Hydrating Cleanser to my dry face, and then added these buffing grains, paying special attention to my nose (ideal for removing black heads!) and any problem areas or blemishes. You quite literally polish away the dirt and dead skin from your face and the feeling afterwards is just amazing! Use this once a week and mix with the Hydrating Cleanser.

Finally we have the Hydrating Face Tonic to seal the work of the cleanser and exfoliating buffing grains. This Face Tonic is quite possibly the most satisfyingly refreshing toner EVER. Apply this immediately after using the cleanser both morning and night to condition, restore and balance skin leaving it perfectly refreshed.
Just like the other Bobbi Brown Skincare products I have tested, I am truly addicted to the way this tonic water makes you feel completely clean and fresh. Especially with the fact its infused with Cucumber, Chamomile, Aloe Leaf and Lavender to ensure your face is super soft and rejuvenated.

Happy New Year to everyone, wishing you a wonderfully happy, healthy and truly beautiful 2013 xx

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