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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Over the last couple of weeks I've been testing PRIORI's Lash Recovery Serum, and I'm very pleased with the noticeable results of my already thicker, fuller lashes.
This is the first eyelash and eyebrow enhancer to utilise a complex of three lipopeptides- making this serum a technological breakthrough.

Promising to help make lashes and brows look fuller, thicker and more voluptuous by stimulating the hair follicle sites to enhance the appearance of length and thickness in only 2 weeks. Clinical studies revealed that up to a 27.75% increase in eyelash density after 2 weeks of use, and up to 56.01% after six weeks... I put this to my own harsh lash test.

I have to admit I was instantly unconvinced as there's so many serums on the market all promising us the same thing, and after reviewing Rapid Lash and noticing not even the slightest difference, I actually very much wanted to be proved wrong as my lashes were looking slightly frail after almost 4 months of continuous eyelash extensions, so I'm glad I've finally found a serum that works for me and that I can share with you all.
I absolutely LOVED having my Boudoir Lashes eyelash extensions but after such a long time of continuously having them applied I figured it was time to give my poor lashes a break! The eyelash extensions didn't harm my natural lashes in any severe way however much like many beauty treatment it's always a good idea to have a break once in a while.
After only 2 weeks

It's amazing how this tiny bottle of serum has mad a difference to the appearance of my eyelashes, making me feel confident enough to not even have to always wear mascara as I did before in between eyelash treatments.  The results are somewhat subtle but do without a doubt make the difference I was hoping for, when my lashes were in need of some lash TLC.
Lashes after 2 weeks with mascara 

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