Eastwell Manor

Monday, 24 December 2012

My truly amazing mother treated me to a Pamper Day at the beautiful Eastwell Manor for my 23rd Birthday yesterday and I could not have had a more perfect time there...

We arrived to check-in at 9am and were greeted by the friendly staff who took us into a lovely festive lounge complete with a pianist playing Christmas songs whilst we ate our pastries and drank our coffees.
After a delicious birthday breakfast we were given a tour of the building and were handed our gowns, towels and slippers which we would be spending the rest of our day wearing!

After changing we went for a lovely  swim in pool, and relaxed in the Jacuzzi sauna and steam rooms- it was great as we were the only people in there!
The swimming pool was set between pillars against a background of beautiful hand painted murals, which made me feel as if I'd been transported to a Roman haven overlooking a Mediterranean exotic vista. Relaxation to the max.

After hours of floating around the pools and unwinding in the heat rooms we put our gowns and slippers on and went for lunch in the Spas restaurant, we had ceaser salad to start with and a delicious carborna for our main. After a rather filling lunch we retired to the 'relaxation' room for some tea and down time, we felt so relaxed that we actually fell asleep on the sofas!! Luckily woke up at 3pm, just in time for our treatments!

'Dreams' Beauty and Therapy Salon
I had a facial whilst my mum had a back massage. My treatment lasted about 40 minutes and was absolutely incredible! Gemma my beautician walked me down a candle lit hall way and into a candle lit and heavenly scented room... Gemma used Clarins products on my skin and massaged my neck and chest whilst giving my face a phenomenal treatment. I walked out of the 'Dreams' salon feeling completely rejuvenated.

After one last jacquizi and steam room session my mum and I were ready to leave Eastwell Manor and go home for some Birthday Champagne!! Perfection.



  1. Happy Birthday! I've never been to a spa. I have not lived!

  2. Thank you so much!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas xx


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