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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Auntum is in full fledge, and winter is just around the corner so what better time to find the perfect winter hair care system that will protect your locks over the freezing cold months! 

The last few weeks I've been using and testing Moroccanoil Repair shampoo and conditioner as I've become slightly obsessed with the natural condition of my hair- if you read my blog you will know I've stopped using peroxide on my hair when I have it coloured and use beautifying oils every time I wash my hair in the hope to make it fantastically silky soft and eventually rapunzel like!
I haven't yet found a shampoo and conditioner that I love so much it keeps me buying more and so when deciding which brand to test out I had a hard time in choosing, after doing my research I finally decided Moroccanoil would be the perfect brand to test out as I seriously LOVE the hair oil- it works wonders (see blog post)! and so I had extremely high expectations for the shampooing products... 

Both the Moroccanoil Repair shampoo and conditioner are highly concentrated with antioxidant argan oil, reconstructive Keratin and fatty acids which work together to restore elasticity, moisture and manageability.  These particular 'Repair' products are great for colour treated/damaged hair as they are free from sulfate, phosphates and parabens giving your hair a completely natural treatment, which over time with dramatically improve the state of your hair. 

I've only been using these products for just over 2 weeks and already I can see a difference in the way my hair carries itself, for example it feels lightweight and so silky to touch, it doesn't feel worn down with product like so many other shampoos feel after washing. I've also noticed how quickly my hair dries after washing my hair, which is exactly how the oil works with the hair- this must be the argan oil working its magic. 
The way I would describe the feeling of my hair after using both the shampoo and conditioner is a completely natural and super fresh almost oceanic experience for your hair. I will most definitely be buying these products time and time again- at last I've found a shampoo and conditioner that works with my hair!

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