Thursday, 29 November 2012

TIW is a brand new and totally addictive fashion sharing app that everyone must download and get involved with! It's the answer to all of our fashion dilemmas, especially when struggling with what to wear and in desperate need of style inspiration (lets face it, we all go through this phase once in a while!)This interactive fashion forum is constantly updated and is designed for those of us who enjoy sharing what we're wearing and checking out what everyone else is wearing too!
I predict this app will go down amazingly well with anyone who has an interest in fashion but especially fashion bloggers as it cuts out the whole process of taking a photo and having the aggro of uploading it, cropping it etc. I know I'll be using this to document what I'm wearing at certain events and most definitely during fashion week. To make sure you make the most of this wonderful app, sell your old iPhone or whatever phone you have to ensure that you have a large high resolution screen to see it in all its glory! TIW has been created by the lovely people behind The Mail, You magazine and Metro. Check out the website and download the free app on Itunes, just enter twifashion and get posting your latest looks!! Follow TIW on Twitter - @TIWfashion

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