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Friday, 2 November 2012

Hello Everyone!!

I'm now going to be working with beautiful Jewellery brand Harry Rocks so please check out the lovely website- www.harryrocks.com (notice the amazing illustrations by Kate Lowe!) please follow us on twitter @HarryRocksPR - also if you could like our facebook page it would be greatly appreciated http://www.facebook.com/pages/Harry-Rocks/207251409http://www.facebook.com/pages/Harry-Rocks/207251409293658293658 the more likes the merrier!

I am completely in love with Harry Rocks and feel privileged to be apart of such a special brand, I really want to share my passion with my newly found jewellery discovery with everyone! The pieces are completely unique and totally cherishable.
My Personal favourite- I can imagine this with JRP!

Laura Rowan founder and owner of Harry Rocks named her jewellery business after her son Harry (how adorable is that?!) I love that this brand has such an amazing personality and story behind it- making it all the more special! I also love how Laura designs and carefully creates each piece by hand making no two pieces the same, the delicacy of Laura's creations combined with her on-trend designs create the perfect look. Investing in a Harry Rocks piece of jewellery is a true investment and makes the perfect gift. Harry Rocks is stocked in Harvey Nichols which is a phenomenal achievement especially being such a young brand so make sure you check out the collection next time you pop in!
Grace Necklace
Matilda Necklace

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