Boudoir Lashes 1st Birthday

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Thursday 4th October marked the date of the Boudoir Lashes 1st Birthday party held at the fabulous Ruby Room at Jewel Piccadilly.
After months and months of planning and preparation the night of all nights was finally upon us!
The Ruby Room was filled with champagne, candles and cupcakes (made by Mummy Docrat) not to mention unforgettable performances by the overly entertaining Moulin Rouge style cabaret featuring Burlesque performer Rubyyy Jones and all singing all dancing Miss Cairo, Rebecca Eady and Carling Connors and to end the performance an outstanding fire breather! It cannot be denied Boudoir Lashes celebrated their birthday in pure glamorous boudoir-themed style!
A party just wouldn’t be a party in the eyes of Boudoir Lashes without treating guests to be truly pampered with Essie Manicures, the opportunity to have a celebrity style BeauBronz spray tan, and have beautiful henna artwork painted on by the amazing Farah ( which completely promotes the famous Boudoir Lashes mantra said by Asma to ‘Enhance what you already have, you are unique’- it’s all so Boudoir Lashes and the feedback was fantastic!
We wanted a party to not only celebrate an incredibly successful year of Boudoir Lashes but also to toast to an exciting and prosperous 2013. Founder and owner Asma Docrat says; ‘my business is pretty much made up of trying new things and not copying my competition but bettering myself to offer a more comprehensive service. I could not have done it all on my own every single person who has helped along the ways deserves a pat on the back as without their encouragement I doubt I would be where I am today. Next year will see the brand evolving to include other treatments like a Moroccan facial, lash perming, waxing - you know I can do a Brazilian / Hollywood in 30mins flat! Watch this space!
Our lovely guests went home with beautifully handmade goodie bags made by Daddy Docrat aka- Asma’s Father and were filled with amazing beauty treats!
Watch out for the next Boudoir Lashes party- we’re always, always planning ahead and 2013 has lots of exciting new beauty plans instore!

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