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Thursday, 18 October 2012

This Autumn/ Winter we must divulge into a smokey underworld of greys, metals tones and sculpted faces- including piercingly contoured cheek bones using none other than Chanel's Ombre Contraste sculpting veil for eyes and cheeks.

Peter Philips, creative director of Chanel transforms the energy of military style runway into daily wear make-up that will easily become an integral part of our sculpting cheek bone routine and a brand new beauty step.

If i'm being brutally honest I have never used a contouring powder until my Ombre Contraste arrived in my post box, and now I wonder if anyone could ever see my cheek bones before?!

This hybrid powder beautifully caresses eyelids delivering a subtle smokey setting, whilst deepening the contours of the cheeks and creating a and totally defined and subtly sexy look.

Use this discreet contouring powder on top of your foundation to enhance cheek bones and then use your bronzer on top to add colour and warmth to your complexion. The contouring powder works wonders in creating a look that may seem subtle when applying but looks amazing when complete!

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