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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

If you know me, or have at least seen a photo of me you will know I'm slightly obsessed with my brows!!
In my opinion they are THE most important feature to ones face and so I thought it was only right I'd dedicate an entire blog post to them and explore them in further detail.

Ok when I decided to write this post I did not expect to find a whole book dedicated to eyebrows, but of course Benefit being Benefit they have published this book AMAZING book!
After reading this book over the last few days my brow knowledge is definitely up to scratch, so not only am I obsessed with how my brows look I'm now full of brow facts (I'm sure this will come in handy!)

Here are a few quotes from this rather outstanding book...
  • 'It's the art of personal style that turns heads when you walk through an airport and draws attention when you enter a room. Raising eyebrows is communicating, it's connecting, it's flirting- it's fun'   
  • 'Now this is the time to get to know your brows, understand their needs, and show them some big love'
  • 'A New York salon now offers eyebrow hair extensions. Seriously individual strands of human hair woven into a delicate lace base and then stuck to the skin with an adhesive

I believe beauty is within the brows, a good set of brows can completely refine your whole look, they finish and polish your features whilst brightening and opening your eyes. A well defined brow can even make you look younger, thinner and generally more radiantly refreshed.
brow zings
After reading all about brows I had to try Benefit's famous 'Brow Zings' and put my brow new found brow knowledge to the ultimate test.
Brow Zings is a little brow kit that turns your boring brows to defined beautiful brows, here's how;
  1. Dip the hard angled brush into the soft pigmented wax, go over the shape of your brows with smooth, angled strokes to define the brows 
  2. Take your blending brush and dip into the setting powder, the powder will fill in sparse areas and will lock brows into place 
  3. use the mini tweezers to pluck any stray hairs 

After a week of using Brow Zings I'm highly impressed! And when it comes to my brows I take it very, very seriously so you can believe me when I say it! I love how easy this product is to use and how perfectly defined my brows look afterwards.

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