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Saturday, 11 August 2012

I am absolutely obsessed with growing my hair, I’ve tried every oil, serum and hair growth product you can think of and I’ve also previously used clip in hair extensions in a bid for longer hair but I became really fed up with in the end- it was the worry that people could see the clips and the unnatural feeling of taking your clip-in hair out at the end of the day...not ideal.
So when I heard about Weave Got Style- weaved in hair extensions I couldn’t wait to test them out! 
The difference with weaved in hair extensions is the way the hair is attached, by tight plaits weaved across the head in in two long sections. This way the hair is not at risk of being damaged in any way, there’s no glue to damage your natural hair, no heat applied just simple tight plaits that allow your natural hair to grow whilst having the luxury of long luscious locks.
What surprised me the most about these weaved in extensions is the short amount of time it takes to apply. In less than an hour I went from this...

To this...
Weave Got Style hair extensions
Weave Got Style is loved by celebrities such as; Victroria Beckham and Elle beauty writer's amongst many others. And I can completely see why they are, having long locks makes you feel so good! 

How they work...
It's so quick and simple... The hair is weaved and the wefts are sewn onto the hair which feels fairly tight at first but after you've washed it the wefts loosen and you can barely feel them. The great thing about Weave Got Style is the hair is human hair meaning of course, you can style them as you normally would with GHD's or curling tongs and the hair holds the style (unlike my own hair!). Weave Got Style hair extensions last between 4-8 weeks depending completely on how well you look after them- So far I've been coating my ends with L'Oréal Extradordinary Oil before I go sleep and wash it out in the morning for super sleek locks.

The maintenance of the hair has been so so easy, as I'm against using heat on my hair at the moment, I've just being washing my hair using an intensive condition- Kerastase Masque UV Defense Active is amazing! And then brushing it using my Tangle Teezer (this is a MUST when having weaved in hair extensions as it doesn't break the hair, the bristles go over the wefts without pulling them in any way) and just letting it to dry naturally! I love the natural wave in the hair extensions it just looks so voluminousness and natural.

Weave Got Style are soon opening in Selfridges, London so check them out!


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