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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Ok I’ve been doing my research about salon’s in London by reading blogs and reviews and my hunt for London’s top salon is finally over after the unbelievably good experience I had at Burlington’s on Friday.
I was greeted by the lovely Amy who could not have been more helpful and accommodating the entire time I was at the salon, she then took me over to meet my hairdresser for the day- Victoria. Instantly I knew she would work magic on my hair and turn it into something special, she was so passionate about hair and so incredibly knowledgeable, that after discussing what I wanted and looking at all the possible shades I completely trusted her to give me the transformation I was looking  for!
After using bleach on my hair for such a long time, I felt my hair was looking slightly too blonde and I was beginning to look like a Barbie. I knew it was time for a change, especially as I start my new job at L’Oreal soon, what better time to have a fresh new look! 
It was quite scary stepping away from being SO blonde (I’ve been having highlights since I was 16!) but Victoria could not have made me feel more reassured that I would walk out of Burlington’s looking and feeling amazing! Victoria completely covered my hair with a base colour- a darker blonde (much closer to my natural hair colour) and put a combination of natural and golden blonde highlights through my whole head- creating a very natural, dark/ champagne blonde colour just like the magazine cutting below that I showed Victoria before we began! (see below)

After my super relaxing hair wash, head massage, deep conditioning treatment and blow dry I was kindly treated to a mini makeover using New CID cosmetics... and I was more than impressed.
I haven’t used New CID makeup before but after chatting to one of the makeup artists I was so intrigued, especially as she recommended the ‘I-groom’ which is a must have in terms of eyebrow grooming. 
You simply brush your brows into place using the doubled sided wand and sweep over the shape of your brows with the crayon side (the colour adapts to the colour of your own brows) I LOVE fairly big defined brows so this little tool is ideal for me. After you have created the shape you want you then just go over the brows with ‘i-fix’ to slick down and fix your brows for the entire day.
Another favourite of the New CID collection has to be the nail varnish that comes complete with an incredibly convenient light so no matter where you are you can see exactly what where your painting- genius! That’s what’s great about New CID it combines quality long lasting luxurious products with cutting edge technology.
Here are all the products I got to take home and try for myself-
‘i-prime’- this lightweight serum is another must have, it glides on so easily creating a prefect base for your foundation.
‘i-gel’ Long wear gel liner trio with brush
‘i-glow’ compact shimmer powder with mirror (I love the marble effect of this shimmer)
‘i-pout- longwearing lipstick in Scarlet- with mirror and light
‘i-define’- Retractable lip liner and lip brush
‘i-groom’- Eyebrow grooming pencil and brush
‘i-fix’- Eyebrow fixing pencil
I had such a wonderful morning at Burlington’s and felt like a new woman as I walked out of the salon! The staff couldn’t have been nicer; Victoria (my hairdresser) was unbelievable at her job, giving me a brand new look that I really love! And the New CID makeup was a lovely new makeup collection discovery that I would 100% recommend to everyone.

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