Tuesday, 3 July 2012

As you probably know from reading my previous posts, I reviewed SLEEPROLLERS and loved how much volume they gave my flat hair. In fact everything about them ticked all the boxes, I like the fact they stay in your hair all night long, they are surprisingly comfortable and they are also pink! (bonus)

However my love for Sleep Rollers has just doubled after trying out Sleep Rollers hairdryer hood, as it creates unbelievably volumized waves and curls making it a must have if your using the velcro rollers!! 
The hairdryer hood is particularly great if you simply don't have the time to do your hair, or say you didn't put your rollers in the night before and you still want to achieve big hair for a night out- just wash the hair and leave it a tiny bit damp after blasting it on a medium heat with the hairdryer (I found this increased the volume and didn't dry my hair out at all) spritz the rolled hair with heat protection mist and then the hairdyer hood fun begins!
This really is a brilliant tool, as it's completely lightweight making it perfect to travel with and also fits onto any hairdryer as the end of the trunk is elasticated. Did I mention it looks hilarious?!!

How to use...
  1. After you've prepared your hair and put all of your rollers in, plus spritzed your hair with heat protection mist you are now ready to use your hairdryer hood. Simply place the lovely pink hood over your head and then pull the convenient toggle as tight as you can, making sure there's no gaps for air to get in. 
  2. Now pull the elastic end of the trunk over your hairdryer
  3. Turn your hairdryer on, setting it to the lowest heat to start with... Just sit and watch the hood expand in size as it fills with heated air. 
  4. After about 10 mins, set the hairdryer to a medium heat and blast it for a few mins- to give it that extra  setting power. 
  5. Depending on how much time you have you can carry on drying your hair on a low heat just to give it extra volume but I only dried it for 15 mins to create my perfect look.  
I would seriously reccomend investing in the hairdryer hood if you have the velcro rollers as its a great quick fix and works especially well for straight and flat hair that doesn't like volume (like mine!). 


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