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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Ok I've finally taken the next steps with my beauty blog, I've given it a complete makeover and also invested in some beautiful business cards! 
I feel its so important in this extremely competitive industry to do as much as you possibly can to network, connect with others, and stand out in the crowd and creating these business cards have already made a huge difference to how I network, also emphasising how serious I am about my blog. 
After searching and searching for the perfect cards I stumbled upon and I'm so glad I did. The site is incredibly easy to navigate, it takes no time at all to create and design your own personalised cards, they were delivered super quickly and are extremely good value for money! 
What I love most about my pretty cards is how they feel, they are thick, and feel so so soft. I've had lots of compliments on how lovely they are so I would definitely recommend ordering your business cards from!

Visit to see the huge selection of business cards! 


  1. wow looks really pretty ^^


  2. Thank you!! They are amazing cards feel lovely! xx

  3. Hey darling!
    Wow fantasic cards!

    Please like my fb page at
    and check out my Youtube channel at

    Huge hugs and have a great day!


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