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Thursday, 14 June 2012

With Penhaligon's rich heritage and impressive archive of unique formulations, the brand really does stand alone on perfume shelves as there really isn't anything quite like it.
There are so many other brands with their huge advertising campaigns and celebrity endorsed scents that quite frankly its utterly boring now, each one being a repetition of the other. Lets be honest, we've seen it all before. The saddest thing about it is the beauty of the actual scent is completely taken away.  This is why I feel so passionate about Penhaligon's, it really is one of a kind and every time a new fragrance is launched I fall that bit more in love with the brand.

With Penhaligon's stunning history of British perfumery dating back to the 1870's when William Penhaligon moved to London from Cornwall and started creating fine fragrances for discerning gentlemen, it cannot be denied that Penhaligon's stands for alot more than just a fragrance brand its an assest and integral part of great British perfumery.

The Queens Diamond Jubilee just had to be documented in the world of Penhaligon's with a scent to mark this regal occasion, and I introduce to you 'Jubilee Bouquet'. This fragrance is the latest addition to the Penhaligon's family and is relaunched as part of the Anthology collection, the scent was originally created in 1977 in honour of Queen Elizabeth's Silver Jubilee.

When I first sprayed the perfume on my wrist I had a sudden feeling of nostalgia and a very obvious smell of something traditional and strong, however once the scent settled I was completely taken back by how fresh and addictive the smell is. It as it actually reminds me of my late grandmother creating a really warm and positive feeling.

Jubilee Bouquet is a combination of green lily, Jasmine, powder and woods. Laced with addictive notes of soft iris, violet and amber this is a perfume that can be worn not only to celebrate The Queens Jubilee but worn to celebrate and enhance all of the special and monumental times in life, something to wear to associate with happy feelings. Well thats what I intend to do anyway.

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