Monday, 25 June 2012

Ok this is brilliant...Benefit is holding the biggest event ever to go down in Benefit history....'Mascarathon' Yes, it's definitely as exciting as it sounds! 
Basically Benefit are putting on a huge charity run on this Friday 29th June, which involves a giant mascara travelling from Edinburgh to London (you heard it right!) in addition to this, a giant Mascara baton will be passed from runner to runner all in aid to raise awareness and support Refuge Charity- for woman and children against domestic violence. 
The lovely Caroline Flack is fronting the entire campaign by running the first 2 miles starting in Edinburgh.  Every two miles each runner completes marks the two women a week whose lives are lost due to domestic violence. Benefit invite everyone to get involved and run the 'Mascarathon' not only to support their favourite beauty brand but to raise awareness for this amazingly worthy cause! Go to- to find out more and most importantly to enter the fabulous race!! 


  1. Hey Darling! Love the new layout! <3
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  2. So glad you like the new look!! I will defintely pay your blog a visit tonight :) Thanks for checking mine out x x


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