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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

I've just got home from my super organic Jubilee weekend away in East Devon! After searching and searching on where to go away in England for the lovely long bank holiday weekend, we stumbled across the YURT! (see photo below).  And what a perfect holiday choice it was! I literally loved every minute of our Eco- friendly, flower packed trip.  It was filled with Mackerel fishing, garden Pizza making, BBQing, Cream Teas (in honour of our lovely Queen of course), forest walking and copious amounts of drinking and eating not to mention me learning SO much about home made beauty products!

Check out the website- http://www.homemadeholidays.co.uk/

I've come home feeling so incredibly inspired by the lovely Caroline and Jan who own the stunning Holyford vegetable and flower farm in Colyford, Devon. I was so taken back by the truly organic way they live their lives, they even taught us that you can actually eat flowers!! It really makes food look a lot prettier!
I was amazed to learn that Caroline used to work for Romy Fraser, none other than founder and creator of famous natural beauty brand, 'Neal's Yard'! I spent ages talking to Caroline about her experiences of home made beauty products and she shared what she learnt from Romy which was absolutely fascinating, I was in my element. I couldn't take my notes down fast enough!

Home Made Beauty Products...

Caroline taught me how to prepare and create my own beauty oils, lip balms and lotions! And kindly let me pick a bag full of Calendula flowers also known as Pot Marigold for my first home made experiment.
I've already started the process to making my own products and followed Carolines simple instructions...

Step 1- Pick your chosen flowers or plants. I've chosen Calendula flowers after recommendation that they are brilliant for the skin as well as being vibrant in colour!

Step 2- Take off flower heads, and leave them to dry out on some newspaper on a sunny windowsill for a day to ensure they are fully dried out.

Step 3-  Fill a jam jar with flower heads, and then fill the jar with sunflower oil. Caroline says, 'It captures the colour beautifully, and by the end of the two weeks it looks like a jar of trapped sunshine!'  I cannot wait to see this for myself!

Step 4- After two weeks (and in some cases only a week) you will see how dramatically the oil has changed in colour, siv out flower heads and you are left with your very own Calendula beauty oil!! This oil can be used on its own as a massaging oil, body lotion oil, or even as a hair conditioner once a week!! I'm going to make a bottle of oil and a few lip balms from my home-made oil.

To make your own lip balm...

Simply melt Bees wax, I've just ordered mine from eBay for only £2! (make sure its the white bees wax that is suitable for cosmetic use, it melts alot easier) and then add your pre-maid Calendula oil, and add any essential oils you like the most- I think I'm going to add either lavender oil or Rose oil- I may have to experiment with a few different oils to see which ones work best! Once you have your mixture, just pour it into a little pot, pop it in the fridge to set and then its all done- your very own home made lip balm!

My eyes have been completely opened up into this fascinating home made lifestyle and I know this is the start of something amazing, hopefully I'll have a whole range of JRP beauty products!!

I will keep you updated with the progress of my beauty oil and lip balms!! So watch this space over the next few weeks...

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