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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Summer is here and whether the sun is shinning or not we still need to think about our skin, as even a day like today when the sun is rather on and off it still feels very humid and slightly sticky- not great for my oil prone skin! 

I've been on the hunt for a summer foundation that will not only last all day but defuse my shiny skin when its warm outside- one that I could also use of the first few days of my holiday when I go to Malta in August. 

The answer- Clarins Ever Matte skin balancing foundation + Clarins Fix' Make-up refreshing mist

 I've never tried a Clarins foundation before but I've always heard great things from my mum who uses Clarins by day and Chanel by night so I thought I'd give it a go...

Clarins Ever Matte Foundation is the newest addition to the Clarins foundation range and Clarins promises that due to plant extracts and minerals it reduces unwanted shine- aimed at oily/ combination and has a natural long lasting finish.  

The Results

Firstly, Clarins Ever Matte foundation smells SO utterly refreshing,  I can't stress this enough! It smells like pure watermelon and its delicious- makes you want to eat it rather than apply to your face. It blends very very easily, and wheat 109 was an absolute perfect colour match for my complexion. I did however, find that I needed to use quite a lot of it as in comparison to my Mac Studio Scuplt where you don't need much at all because its thicker is consistency. This would be the only down point to this foundation as It's such a pleasure to use and does do what it says on the tube- it does balance out your skin in terms of even coverage and definitely does reduce the shine on my face on warmer days.  

What I LOVE about this Clarins Foundation- and all Clarins products in fact is that you just know the ingredients used is only the very best for your skin, natural plant extracts really does help your skin breath and feel so much lighter and fresher than other brands. It's a skin detoxing brand!! 

Fix' Makeup- A summer time must
This has to be my latest miracle product- I haven't seen anything like it before and I want everyone to try it out as it really works! 

Designed to set and prolong your makeup this spray also makes you feel so refreshed and hydrated- PERFECT for summer time makeup! Simply spray on your face after you've applied all your makeup holding the spritz about 30cm away from the face. 

I will most certainly be packing both of these summertime makeup essentials when I go away on holiday!! 


  1. Those are some great products!

    Huge hugs
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  2. They really are summer makeup must haves! I will do this now x x


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