The World's Finest Top Coat

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Named the World's Finest top coat, Seche Vite had a lot to live up to! But after being recommended by a good friend of mine after singing this top coat praises I had to try it out.

Seche Vite is an ultra fast drying top coat and is designed to penetrate through your already applied nail varnish right to the base coat creating a solid almost gel like coating over the nail plate, forming a  super shiny thick gel finish!

The great thing about Seche Vite is it really makes your nail varnish last longer and prevents the nail varnish from chipping and peeling. On average I found the nail varnish lasts between 3-5 days which is great as I'm forever painting and re-painting my nails due to varnish chips!

I've been a Sally Hansen girl all my life and the fact I've even given this nail varnish the praises I have is a huge statement- its a best beauty buy and worth every penny!

Also at the moment its Seche Vite is 3 for 2 in Boots making it only £18 for 3.


  1. You can get it in boots or on amazon! Best top coat ever!! :)



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