Tresor Paris Sparkle Party!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

What a glistening night the Tresor Paris Sparkle party was. Held at Gilgamesh in Camden, it was the perfect Egyptian/Moroccan themed glamourous venue and was a true success!
Tresor Paris took the opportunity to hold a huge celebration to support their two charities; Breast Cancer Care and CWAC (children with aids) and raise money towards the two phenomenal charities by holding a celebrity auction!

Covered by OK! magazine, BBC and ITN it was a fantastic evening of performances, cocktails and photographs, oh and not to mention the goodie bags I spent hours making up!! A massive thank you goes to two amazing brands Smooch and Sienna X who generously provided us with some of the treats for the goodie bags, and after experimenting each product from the lipgloss to blushers, mascara and nail varnish I can safely say Smooch cosmetics are as good as the packing they come in! Check out the fab website- for the entire range.

Amazing performances from the lovely Raool (see photo below), Exodus, Michael Pink and the fantastic United We Stand (as seen on Britains Got Talent) it was a upbeat evening keeping everyone entertained!

What a fabulous party it was, I was so pleased with the outcome! All the hard work most definitely paid off! I hope everyone had a wonderful time...


  1. Looks amazing jess well done! xxx

  2. Thanks Lizzie :) Was such an amazing night! xxx

  3. Such a great party! Love your post about it too! xx

  4. Thank you :) So glad you enjoyed the party! Xxx

  5. Amazing! The picture of the makeup is heaven :)


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